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Take a listen to all the releases by DOSSEY, and learn a little bit more about how each song was written, and what DOSSEY believes to be the core identity of each project. 

Heartbeats - PRKS Remix (2018)

A bright, shiny dance remix to an already energetic and catchy song. Features sunny synths over a bed of crunchy synth bass.

PRKS says, “Heartbeats is already a perfect dance banger, so my goal was to find a new approach to the melody while honoring the infectiously poppy vibe of the original. Once I locked in the half-time rhythm of the choruses with the pulsing synth, the rest of the arrangement followed!”


Released on August 24, 2018, this track was received a premier and glowing review by LADYGUNN, who said, 

DOSSEY is the magnificent soul bearing alter new wave pop-ego of Austin based artist Sarah Dossey. Her musical project fuses an eclectic mix of American folk and 80s synthpop into a wonderful wave of catching honest lyrics and beats that move you to the core.  With DOSSEY’s sound, being a traditional songwriter is at the forefront, her music is built on a solid foundation of an eye-opening exposes that make you think as well as dance. 

A groovy dance track that features a smoothly meandering lead vocal and a straight R&B rhythm that gets your head bopping from the outset.

HEARTBEATS (SIngle, 2018)

Released on June 1, 2018, this ear worm by DOSSEY was premiered online by EARMILK. The music video for the song, a high energy time-warp homage to jazzercise, released June 30 has already received over 12,000 spins across the web.

This energetic synth pop bop features shimmering vocal hooks, triumphant gang vocals, and nostalgic guitar licks reminiscent of feelgood dance tracks of the 1980s.

The song was written in Nashville in January of 2017 with songwriters Adam Palmer and Lainey Wright. After a 5 week spring tour, Dossey took it to Austin-based producer and mixer, Taylor Webb (Night Beds, Dossey's Electric EP), and together, the two started working on the song that ended up taking over 9 months to complete. Heartbeats was a song that really took digging to discover the gold. It has seen many renditions, but when Dossey added the starting theme of the song, "My heart it beats, beats", it seemed to finally shine. Now, this small piece seems to be cornerstone ear worm of an already super hooky, catchy jam.


Released in April of 2017, Dossey’s debut EP, “Electric” is currently at 100,000 total streams and counting between Soundcloud and Spotify alone. Her official music videos boast over 6000 views on YouTube since the summer of 2017.

The songs on Electric introduce Dossey listeners to a different side of her, as catchy pop melodies soar over dynamic arpeggiations and straight-forward dance beats in "Electric" and "Released", and vintage synth pads create a luxe atmosphere and presence in Dossey's cover of a beloved Peter Gabriel ballad on "In Your Eyes".

Recorded over a very short span of time (roughly one month!), in different studios around Austin, each song is a collaboration with a different producer ("Electric" - Taylor Webb, "Released" - Jake Wigal, and "In Your Eyes" - Russell Parks). All the vocals on the project were recorded at Rev1211's studio at Lifespace, a sanctuary of sorts for Austin artists. The project as a whole was later mixed by Taylor Webb, and mastered by Grammy-winning Bob Boyd at Ambient Digital in Houston, TX. 



“Dossey  is an outlier  in the vast music  scene that has found roots  in Austin, Texas. While most up-and-coming  musicians from the area base their sounds in  rock, country, indie, or a combination of similar genres,  Dossey corners the market with her electronic pop sound.” - Babetalk.TV

Dossey is the electro-pop alter-ego of artist/songwriter/enigma Sarah Dossey, who derives her sound from a truly eclectic appreciation of music and art. The banjo playing member of Austin-based folk/bluegrass trio Indian & the Jones, Dossey’s sound as a solo artist is very much influenced by traditional American folk, all through the funnel of 1980s synth pop and new wave. A songwriter at heart, her music is always built on a foundation of a catchy, memorable hook, paired with a danceable beat.

Dossey’s 80s pop track Heartbeats premiered on Earmilk in May of 2018, and she has received nods from indie blogs like The Deli, Wonky Sensitive, Babetalk.TV, and Parachute Music. She was nominated for Deli Magazine's Best of Austin poll in 2017, and the video for her cover of Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes was included as an official selection of the Austin Music Video Festival in 2017.

Released in April of 2017, Dossey’s debut EP, “Electric” is currently at 100,000 total streams and counting between Soundcloud and Spotify alone. Her official music videos boast over 6000 views on YouTube since the summer of 2017.