The Story of: UNYIELDING

I live in shadows
You let the light in
Pulled down by quicksand
You are my mountain

The waves against me
You are my anchor
My body heavy
You grace a feather
Oh my love is an all-consuming fire
My heart is repossessed
You will fight with passionate desire
You cannot be tamed
Your power overcame
You are unyielding
The wind will tempt me
To love another
But you will defend me
You are father
Instead of sadness
I hear your sweet music
Trade in my best words
For a beautiful song
Don’t let me cry out
Unless its for you
And let the summer be long

He is the most beautiful, surprising, and dependable lifeline we could ever get.

Over the past three or so years, God has both put me through the ringer and blessed me in ways I never could imagine. 

My husband is a commercial contractor, which means that we move a lot. Wherever the work is, that's where we'll be. So, in the passed 3 years, we have had to move about 6 times. Sometimes across town, sometimes across state lines. With every move came a new set of worries, losses and instability. What will we do? Where will we find friends? What about my job? How will we find a place to live in a week? How much can I pack in one car? When we finally moved back to Texas and to Waco, of all places, I began to settle in and feel comfortable again.

Then, only a few months later, our family found out my dad had terminal brain cancer, and was going to die - maybe in a month, maybe in a year.

He lost his ability to speak pretty much right of the bat. He began to lose his ability to walk a few months later. And, ultimately, he was restricted to a bed - where he was able to communicate mostly through hugs, smiles, and, on occasion, eye rolls. Around the time that my dad became restricted to a wheelchair, my husband got a new job that had him move about 6 hours away from me. Since March, we've pretty much only seen each other every other weekend. My dad passed away at the end of August, and a few weeks later, I found out I didn't get my dream job. 

It's been rough times. There have been days that I feel like it just cannot get any worse. But, in spite of it all, I am constantly reminded that, even if I feel like my insides just keep getting scraped out like I'm a grapefruit, there's still skin there. It can get worse, and it probably will. The same days that I am completely ruined, that I am completely inept, those are the days that I feel so in need of the Holy Spirit and I thrive on closeness to God. I depend on Him. He is my lifeline. He has to be my lungs, my mouth, and my brain so that I can get a breath out and in. 

So, I am thankful. I still have music. I still have a home. I still have food to eat. And, most importantly, God has made me into someone I wouldn't even be able to recognize a few years ago. And, He has NEVER left me.

Unyielding is an observation of this battle that is going on around, not just me, but us all. This constant pressure to doubt him. The lust of an easier life. The trudging, the sorrow, the pain of a living and active faith. And yet, given it all, He's still there, and will never leave. Nothing is beyond Him. Nothing. So, I encourage you now, friend - no matter what is going on in your life, take heart. He will fight for you the same way He is fighting for me, the same way He has been fighting for you even before you knew it. Feel encouraged to know that He is working out something better than you ever imagined. He is the most beautiful, surprising, and dependable lifeline we could ever get.


Austin, Texas, USA

A self-proclaimed nomad, Sarah currently lives in a midcentury ranch style home in Austin, Texas with her husband Preston and doodle Gatsby. She is an owner and creative at The Great Woods. She is also a musician, playing in Austin-based folk outfits, The Reliques and Indian & The Jones, as well as a solo artist performing under the moniker DOSSEY. Sarah prefers adventure - and, when traveling, enjoys a deep look into history, art, and a glass of red wine at the best place to catch the sunset.