The Story Of: DIAMOND

i hold on to nothing else
than to become a better version of myself
shed this outer skin
i’m immaculate
give it all til nothing’s left
but for now, i will wait
grow up, and stay
be strong, be safe
in the fire, i get higher
the diamond from the flame
my haunted dreams glow red and blue
until the day that i’ll meet you
stand tall at that gate
st peter call my name
can’t come too soon

Diamond is about the journey of our faith in Jesus. The refining. The pain. The joy. The suffering. The testing. The struggle. The delight. The restoration. And, ultimately, the end of the Earthly journey and the gateway to the unknown (Heaven). 

I can honestly say that I have experienced some serious pain and struggle in my life (a lot of it within the last few months), and I understand you may have as well. We have days that we look up into the sky, open our hands up, and desperately long for heaven.

When I watch the news of yet another heinous mass murder on an American college campus, or trudge through an entire day with a heavy heart over the recent loss of my father, or feel completely useless and hopeless in the fight against the magnitude of the Islamic State, I am only comforted in knowing that God has an exponentially larger vantage of our lives, and this time on Earth is a mere breath.

Despite the struggle. Despite the pain. Despite the broken heart. Despite the fear. - His promise is unexplainably good. It's our responsibility right now to have hope and to share it with others.


Austin, Texas, USA

A self-proclaimed nomad, Sarah currently lives in a midcentury ranch style home in Austin, Texas with her husband Preston and doodle Gatsby. She is an owner and creative at The Great Woods. She is also a musician, playing in Austin-based folk outfits, The Reliques and Indian & The Jones, as well as a solo artist performing under the moniker DOSSEY. Sarah prefers adventure - and, when traveling, enjoys a deep look into history, art, and a glass of red wine at the best place to catch the sunset.