The Story of: LIGHT 4 LIGHT

You look like heaven
Faithful as the sky
I will climb up your mountain
Feel You pass me by
Oh, how deep, deep, deep is Your love for me
And how wide, wide, wide simple mercies reach
Drink from the fountain
Run until I die
Stare to the mystic
Open up my eyes
You are brilliant

Clairvoyance v. Conviction

A few years ago, I began to realize that what some might call an inkling is actually a nudge from the Holy Spirit - the difference between clairvoyance and conviction - and I should probably pay attention to it.

Like, recently, I was at the tile store ordering some heavenly tile for our bathroom remodel. It is so lovely. And, so not cheap. But I had to have it. So, I went ahead and ordered it using the right measurements. Something was telling me that I should probably get an additional box, even though it would cost me a little more. I didn't listen, and, what do you know, I need that extra box. I've got a naked corner in our bathroom. 

I feel like this little nudge is happening way more than I really realize - that every time I walk outside, the Holy Spirit is nudging me, saying, "Look at this amazing world God made! Look at the leaves on the ground! How they are shaped differently, colored beautiful colors. Some are crackly, some are wet with dew, some are stuck to the heel of your boot!"

But, there are also moments where the Holy Spirit does not speak to us in a whisper or nudge - he practically knocks us over. Like, the feeling I got standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, or most recently, the sheer, unadulterated joy I received when I drove up and over a snowy and icy pass in Colorado for the first time on my own (the most challenging and frightening thing I have ever done), and was rewarded at the bottom by the snuggles of 3 friendly horses on the side of the road. 

Sometimes it's a whisper. Sometimes its a shout. But this world God has made is amazing, and He wants us to experience it. The rocks are literally crying out in worship to Him. The Hills are literally growing toward Him. Allow yourself to pause and experience this big, beautiful world.


Austin, Texas, USA

A self-proclaimed nomad, Sarah currently lives in a midcentury ranch style home in Austin, Texas with her husband Preston and doodle Gatsby. She is an owner and creative at The Great Woods. She is also a musician, playing in Austin-based folk outfits, The Reliques and Indian & The Jones, as well as a solo artist performing under the moniker DOSSEY. Sarah prefers adventure - and, when traveling, enjoys a deep look into history, art, and a glass of red wine at the best place to catch the sunset.