Help Me Fight the HIV/AIDS/WATER Crises with Blood:Water and Get FREE MUSIC!

What is Blood:Water

Blood:Water is an equipping agency that partners with African grassroots organizations to address the HIV/AIDS and water crises. I am more than honored to announce today that I have signed up to help promote their work as an artist partner! 


Two of the greatest public health threats around the world—the HIV/AIDS and water crises— disproportionally affect sub-Saharan Africa. Their intersection cultivates and maintains vulnerability as poor water, sanitation, and hygiene are a leading cause of sickness and death among people living with HIV/AIDS. 

The folks at B:W have devoted their lives to serve local leaders and join them in the fight to end these crises. With support from people like us, B:W is able to both empower local leadership to educate those living in their communities about clean water and ways to prevent the spread of disease, but also to provide clean water sanitation solutions for them, and to train them to maintain the technology that has been previously placed.


By becoming an artist partner, I hope to connect listeners and fans to the work that B:W is doing on the ground each day, which we hope will bring more support to accomplish their goal of eradicating the water and HIV/AIDS crises across the world. Big things are accomplished when we work as a team, and I am here to act simply as a team captain. 


This spring, I hope to partner with y'all to raise $1000 to go toward supporting B:W's mission in sub-saharan Africa. From now, through the length of my spring tour, I will be asking you guys to give, even if it's just $1, toward this goal. I hope that, by the time I roll into Nashville on May 26th, we will have blown this goal out of the water, (Ha, pun) and that we will be able to witness and sponsor some real positive change in peoples lives. 

How to get involved

Does that sound like something you'd like to be a part of? GREAT! Click here to donate now, or come see me at a show and donate right there! And, let me sweeten the deal even more - IF we reach our goal by May 31, I will send a FREE Download of my very first release (Diamond) to all those who contributed. That's right, y'all. Free


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